Our Rates & Schedules!

Please arrive 1/2 hour before scheduled trip!

Canoe/Kayak Trips:
Starting Point: Trip
Departure Times: Canoe
Kayak Rates:
Weekday: Weekend: Solo: Tandem:
6 river miles
2 hrs 9AM-3PM
every half hour
every half hour
$35 $25 $35
Foote Dam
12 river miles
4 hrs 9AM, 10AM
11AM & Noon
9AM, 10AM
and 11AM
$45 $30 $45

We strongly suggest that you make your reservations early to avoid disappointments.
We look forward to seeing you on the river!

Whirlpool Tubing Trips:
Starting Point: Trip Time: Departure Times: Rates:
6 river miles
4 hrs 10AM, 11AM & Noon $18

U.S. Forest Service Regulation:
All one day rental canoes and kayaks must be off the river by 6:00 p.m., or late charges will apply

• The above rates are for hourly scheduled trips only. •
• Canoe rates are for 2 people per canoe. Add $5.00 for each additional person over 7. •
• Payment in full is required for each canoe, tube or kayak. •
• There is an extra charge for not reaching your destination. •
• Reservations are requested for weekend trips. •
• 30 day cancellation notice is required for refunds. •
• Sorry, no refunds due to inclement weather. •

Overnight Trips

Available from 2 days to 7 days.
Call us or inquire at the office for details.

Tips for a Good Trip

• Wear Suitable Clothing - tennis shoes or water shoes and keep •
a change of clothes in your vehicle for after the trip.

• Respect the rights of private property owners, anglers and •
other river users. Don't Trespass!

• All individuals must have an appropriate personal flotation •
device in their possession (included with rental). Children ages 6
and under must be wearing a life jacket at all times.

• Keep all articles in a container tied to your canoe. •

Please Don't Litter!
(this includes water balloons)

• Leave valuables and car key in a safe place, don't take •
them on the river with you.

So that those paddling tomorrow may enjoy the river as well,
please leave all wildlife and vegetation as it is.

Please Remember - STAY SOBER

• Operating a watercraft while intoxicated is illegal.

• Please: No more than one six pack of beer per canoe.

• Hard liquor, glass containers, jello shots and styrofoam coolers are prohibited.

• Maintain your partying within reasonable limits.

• We reserve the right to check coolers.

• We reserve the right to refuse service.

Oscoda Canoe Rental is a Permittee of the US Forest
Service and is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider.

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